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Monday evening I was asked some really great questions following our regular board meeting. They were questions about who we are and where we are going. These are important questions, even more important is how we approach them. God has blessed us with incredible leadership in the past, abundant resources in the present, and the Christ who shows us that there is a way even in the darkest of hours. Jesus is that way. Somewhere new is where we are headed. The Spirit is leading. Let’s talk about God taking us "Somewhere New" Sunday morning at 11:00. Bring a friend!! Blessings, Pastor john See MoreSee Less


May 19, 2019

Prayers were requested for the families of Bob Cundiff and Karen Kinnaird.

Prayers were requested for Dewayne Coffman, Brenda Lawson, Brenda Carmicle Anderson , Boone Fox, Rebecca Foster, MaryLee Moxley, Faye McQueary, Anthony Wethington, Patsy Durham, Jeff Bell, Susan Kent, Megan Thomas, Lisa Masden, Tina Pittman, Christine Gibbons, Vic Grooms, Linda Carmicle, Linda Jones, Sydney Luttrell, Ronald Allen, Gary Johnson, Ray Shaw. Leona Dunham, Danny Burton, Casey Durham, Corbin Harris, Dr. Ted Murphy, Jefferi Murphy, and Jackie Eversole.

Prayers continues to be requested for our Pulpit Committee.

We lift the congregation of Oxford Christian Church in Georgetown, KY in our Christian fellowship.

We celebrated our graduates: Riley Hoskins, William Gossage, Spencer Sabharwal, Marie Rousey, and Lori Code.

The Wonder and Worship message was, “The Good Shepherd.” Toni Menk was the storyteller and Marie Rousey was the greeter.

John presented our message, “Barrier Breaking Love!” based upon John 13: 31-35.

Summer Camp applications are available in the office. See MoreSee Less


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