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Some interesting choices in the lectionary this week. I’m going to dive in where I’ve never gone before and take a look at that first miracle, the one where he changes the water into wine. What does that important story have to tell us in the 21st Century? Who is at the center of our lives, remember, unlike those who witnessed this first miracle, we know the rest of the story. Let’s talk about the Lordship of Christ Sunday at 11:00. Blessings, Pastor john See MoreSee Less


January 13, 2019

Prayer concerns included Ann Ellis, Anne Leigh, Andrew Banks, Don Sweeney, Billy Weddle, Paul Johnson, Mirium “Beth” Code, Judy Yokum, Jennifer Lumpkin, Amy Cundiff Tavakouli, Corbin Harris, and Federal workers.

We lifted the congregation of Cynthiana Christian Church in our Christian fellowship.

Worship and Wonder’s lesson was, “Jesus is Baptized.” Barbara Jeffries was the storyteller, and Mary Frances Durham was the greeter.

Lydia Coffey shared Psalm 29.

John shared our message, “Water and Fire,” based upon the story of Jesus’ baptism in Luke 3:15-17,21-22.

Choir practice is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:30.

Sign-up sheets are available for 2019 service opportunities.

Please check the kitchen counter for any items that may belong to you. Items left in the kitchen will be donated at the end of the month.

The Martin County Water Drive is ongoing. Cases and bottled water may be left at Liberty City Hall during regular business hours any time before January 17th. See MoreSee Less

In the waters of Baptism, Jesus begins his ministry. The heavens are opened and we are told: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased." Remember your baptism? Pretty interesting how water can set us on fire! Is that fire still burning? Can you feel God’s call and claim today? Let’s talk about "Water and Fire", at 11:00 Sunday Morning! Blessings, Pastor john See MoreSee Less


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