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Newsletter for The First Christian Church and Friends
January 8, 2017

Prayer was requested for Benjamin Carmen, Evelyn Hoskins, Ruth Rakestraw, Red Rakestraw and Tiva Wethington Foster.

Praise was heard for the recovery for Suzanne LaFavers.

Bob Mallory presented the Children’s Message.

Worship and Wonder presented, "Jesus is Baptized". Barbara Jeffries was the storyteller, and Jan Bryant was the greeter.

The choir presented special music, "Worship Tapestry".

Our message was "Don’t Lose Your Eyesight," based on John 1:1-9, 10-18 and Isaiah 50:1-5.

As we continue our search for our new minister, Taylor Rousey shared our church profile has been sent to Greg Alexander.

Choir will practice on Wednesday at 7:00.

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Bob’s TAC (Talk about Church, January 2017)

I wish to begin this first article of the New Year as a note of thanks to First Christian Church, Liberty. Debbie and I were so pleasantly surprised to receive your generous Christmas gift that Danny Jefferies presented me on Christmas Sunday. It was not only a gift of money, but a gift with persons attached. I don’t know all of you who contributed but I felt your love and heart were attached. Debbie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The second Sunday of the year was a cold one. It seemed one of those Sundays where we couldn’t warm up, get loose, and be ready for the “game.” It is timely that, over the holidays, I read Brene’ Brown’s, “The Power of Vulnerability.” For it was really helpful this past Sunday in preparing for morning worship.

It all started in my office as I attempted to get a contrary zipper to zip on my clerical robe. I was finally successful, however, hoping it would hold until the benediction. As I entered the sanctuary, I encountered a small crowd who looked as if they were happy just to find a warm place. The temperature outside was a whopping 10 degrees. Then the drama unfolded. No one was assigned to do the Children’s Moment and three children appeared on the chancel steps as if they were the three “Magi Kids looking for a star.” I hopped down front to share a few “gift words” and planned to use my prosthesis as an example of my gift, but that wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t raise my pant leg high enough to show them my artificial leg and it was all downhill from there. The three “wise children” left not all the “wiser.” Then, no one was assigned to read the Psalm so I just passed over it, hoping no one would notice. I’m sure that didn’t happen. Then came time for the morning scripture! I had left my personal Bible, the one I normally use, in the office (no doubt that darn zipper caused me to forget it) and had to pick up one of the pew Bibles to read. The pages are so thin in those Bibles that they refused to yield to separation and I stood fumbling with pages. One can tell those pew Bibles aren’t read much! I probably read the wrong scripture. Oh, what fun I was having! We did make it through the worship and I’m glad. I didn’t tell you that my trousers lost a button under my robe and were beginning to inch themselves downward. Sure glad to keep that robbed zipped. It could have been an ugly scene. Well, you guessed it. I couldn’t get my robe un-zipped once everyone had left. Home Hecht came to my aid and successfully managed to “un-zip” me. Thanks Homer. Anyone in this church do robe zippers? It’s a long one to replace.

Dr. Brown would have been proud of me. While I was inwardly embarrassed with the strong emotion of shame (not real shame), I was able to stand back and laugh at myself. I’m not sure I was able to weave my humorously felt shame, into my Sunday morning drama, but I feel it is a practice I will continue to work on for my next drama. I’ll be ready to unlock my authentic and courage doors to be more honest next time and, hopefully, be healthier emotionally.

If you love yourself, and do not wish to hurt badly, please embrace your honest and blunt self with the attitude of vulnerability as your gift possessed in 2017.


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