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April 14, 2019

Prayers were requested for the family of Terry Allen.

Prayers were requested for Jeff Bell, Phil Duckworth, Lena Bradshaw, Louise Roy, Christine Gibbons, Vic Grooms, Sydney Luttrell, Ronald Allen, Gary Johnson, Ray Shaw. Leona Dunham, Danny Burton, Jay Price, Casey Durham,Lori Code, Corbin Harris, Dr. Ted Murphy, Jefferi Murphy, and Jackie Eversole.

Lori Code and Linda Carmicle are planning upcoming surgery.

Prayers continues to be requested for our Pulpit Committee.

We lift the congregation of First Christian Church in Fulton, KY in our Christian fellowship.

The Choir presented special music, “Why Does He Seem to be so Sad?” and, “The Day the Cross Held Up the Sky.”

Brenda Carmicle shared Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29.

Worship and Wonder’s lesson was “Jesus’ Last Passover.” Connie Cundiff was the storyteller. Kay King was the greeter.

John shared our message, “Humbled,” based upon Luke 19:28-40.

Choir will practice at 6:30 this Wednesday.

There will be an Easter Egg hunt on April 20 at 1:00 pm.

The CYF Youth Group will be helping the Easter Bunny this year. On Easter Eve they will hide 36 prize eggs in your yard after dark for $20. Contact Stacey Beeler or Tammy Gossage to schedule.

Disciple Women thank Anne Streeter for her lead in the spiritual retreat.

Summer Camp applications are available in the office. See MoreSee Less

During the first moments of dawn, long ago in Judea, a group of women discovered that what was too good to be true, was true. God’s Word is before us in Easter, to help us begin to realize our value and to change our perspective.
There is no more important time for us to be together to worship our God who makes all things possible. Looking forward to seeing you, your friends, and neighbors Sunday at 11:00. Blessings, Pastor john
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1 week ago

First Christian Church in Liberty, KY

Disciples Women Spring Retreat at Nazareth Retreat Center near Bardstown, KY. Special thanks to Anne Streeter and Ellen Godbey for their facilitation of the study focusing on Boundless Compassion. Some of the ladies traveled to Bernheim after the retreat to check out the Forest Giants. See MoreSee Less


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